About eD

me and duck onlyHello & Thank you for visiting my site…

Photography has always been one of my fascinations in life. Since 1992, before digital technology was invented,  I studied and explored photography with film. By learning and exploring the very core fundamentals of film photography, such as developing and printing it, I had gained vast knowledge and understanding in this field and I take great pride in my work and expertise. Furthermore, I had the opportunity to enhance my skills related to lighting, composition, and many other important aspects that make a photograph appealing, vivid, exciting, and story telling.

Today i shoot digital, however, my philosophy towards the principals of photography hasn’t changed; a great photograph can not come to life without the following essentials… vision, motivation, positive energy, imagination, enthusiasm and creativity. I take pleasure in creating a warm and friendly environment that results in team work and mutual respect for everyone on the set. I live by these essential principles during all of my photo shoot sessions. In addition, i take pride in my talented and highly professional team, who specialize in make-up, hair and wardrobe. Our goal is to provide our clients absolute satisfaction and make them feel at home. I look forward to being your professional and personal photographer.